1. Coupe Fiat 1994-2000
Coupe Fiat  1994-2000 Expertise gathered over many years and the first practical maintenance guide.  Essential reading for Coupe owners.

Neil Barnes & Joe Knight

Paperback, pp. 228

DNB Projects, 2013 More info...



2. Fiat 1899-1999
Fiat 1899-1999 Published to coincide with the company's centenary, an excellent if somewhat partisan overview with a small section on the Coupé.

Riccardo P.Felicioli

Hardcover, pp.215

Automobilia, Italy, 1999 out of print

3. Twin-Cam Italia
Twin-Cam Italia The second edition of this book features the Coupé, as inheritor of the great Lampredi engine. In the absence of a Haynes Manual for the car, this book includes some useful technical advice and buying information.

Phil Ward

Hardcover, pp. 240

MRP Publishing ,2002, currently in print

4. Magazines
Autocar 5.7.95 There are articles and road reports in the main car mags, such as Autocar, Car and Performance Car during the years 1995-1999.

Auto-Italia is the monthly magazine for Italian car enthusiasts and sometimes features the Coupé. Also good for classified ads  and dealer information at the back.

Update: Auto-Italia featured a Coupe Buyer's Guide in Issue 109 (Aug/Sept 2005)

Auto Italia

5. Classic Cars
Encyclopedia of Classic and Dream Cars A comprehensive guide to the classics, with sections on the design houses and including the Coupé. Can usually be found at a bargain price and sometimes under a different title.

Martin Buckley and Chris Rees

Hardcover, 512pp

Hermes House, 2002, currently in print


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