UK Brochures
1.1994 Pre-Launch
Fiat Coupe preview brochure The Coupé was announced in the UK at the 1994 Motor Show

2.1995 Launch
Fiat coupé 1995 launch brochure The launch brochure was a smaller version of 2. and was also included in a special movie reel can pre-launch pack together with a video and three postcards

Fiat Coupe pre launch pack

3. 1995
Fiat coupé - 1995 brochure

4. 1996 Launch
Fiat coupé 1996 launch brochure The launch brochure for the November 1996 20v. coupé included a short demo CD extolling the virtues of the revised vehicle.

NB If you have Real Player on your system you will hear this audio demo; click here if you need to obtain the Real Player software.

5. 1997
Fiat coupé 1997 brochure

6. 1999
Fiat coupé - 1999 brochure This late 1999 brochure (left) features the Plus and Limited Edition vehicles.

There was also a separate brochure for the Limited Edition (right)

Fiat Coupe Limited edition brochure

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